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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Milton Painters! As we can see, you are interested in making your world colorful. That’s great! And do you know what? You are at the right spot. In our company, the word ‘color’ has several meanings. Besides its main definition, it also means health, neatness, cleanliness, resistance, and spaces free of imperfections and blemishes. If that’s the world you want to live in, then the best commercial and house painters in Milton, Ontario, are at your service. Let us make an introduction to all that you are going to experience if you work with us.

The Milton painters to contact for all services

Before anything else, let us just point out that we are the Milton painters you can trust with any local project. It doesn’t matter if this is your business or home. And it doesn’t matter if you are in a hurry, the space is tiny or huge, the job is demanding, or if you want additional services, like popcorn ceiling removal.

The list of residential and commercial painting services is long and includes anything and everything you may ever need. As we said already, there are no small and big jobs for us. Consequently, you should feel free to book a full interior painting service with us or just doors painting or just basement painting.

Commercial and residential painting experts

When we take over a commercial or residential painting job, there’s always some good preparation of the surfaces. Such tasks often include drywall repairs, wallpaper removal, deck repair, window caulking, scraping old paints, et cetera. But how about if you just wanted some old wallpaper removed and the wall painted or new wallpaper installed? What if you pull some nails and decide that there’s a need for some drywall repairs? Yes, in such cases, you can still contact us for the service and be sure that the surface will be painted or finished as required.

Complete painting services

If we wanted to make a list of painting services – one that would involve all painting jobs and all other tasks and services, this would be the following.

  •          Exterior house painting
  •          Interior home painting
  •          Commercial/home painting
  •          Basement, kitchen, bedroom painting
  •          Kitchen cabinets finishing
  •          Fence and deck painting
  •          Drywall repair, installation, finishing
  •          Popcorn ceiling removal & finishing
  •          Crown molding, doors, windows, trims painting
  •          Wallpaper installation/removal

As you can see, this is a rather long list – and it’s not exhaustive either. As you would expect from professional painting companies, all needs are covered. And the job is performed with high-quality paints – also, appropriate for the exterior or the interior, and the particular material. Speaking of materials, we have expertise with them all – from wood and stucco to metal, brick, and stone.

Want a free estimate for a painting job? Reach us with no hesitation

With our team as your painters, Milton concrete floors, drywall panels, stucco walls, wood decks, and all other materials are prepped as demanded and finished as requested. Talking about the finishing choices, let us assure you that you get options and consultation for all things – colors, color combinations, finishes, paints, techniques, methods – to mention the basics. And since you surely care about the cost, let us assure you of our great rates. If you want to get a quotation – free of charge and obligation, reach us. Reach and trust the best painters in Milton for any service.